An Artistic Stroll

My wife and I had the blessing of visiting Oregon’s Fort Clatsop Park during their annual art walk. 

Oregon Art-lovers strolling through the park near Astoria.

Every turn and pathway revealed bright colors and imaginative displays in unexpected places, merging into a surreal landscape of art and nature. Giant mushrooms in vibrant hues burst from the damp earth, and translucent sculptures dripped like colored leaves alongside hanging moss from the willow branches and elderberry trees along the path. I had almost expected to see a mad hatter, pipe-smoking caterpillar, or waistcoated white rabbit, scurrying to a meeting

Two girls admiring the art along the path.

We fell in line at just the right time. Ahead of us were two young girls, perhaps nine or ten years old at most, who excitedly anticipated the artistic creations along the way. I overheard them making a pact. “Let’s not look down at the trail,” one said. “Let’s keep looking up so we don’t miss any of the art.” The other agreed, and off they went, exploring a magical trail that Alice could easily have seen as she wandered through her her Wonderland.  

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