I’ve joined a new gallery

Artists and craftspeople have continued to create. Not even a global pandemic can stop the artistic spirit. So there is no “bad time” to open a new art gallery. And that just happened in Stayton, Oregon, nestled in the beautiful Santiam Canyon, just twelve miles southeast of Salem.

Nathaniel Brown has been wanting to open a gallery for years, so he gathered a few people to take a risk, step up to the plate, and open the doors to 3rd Easel Art Gallery. You can watch their website develop here as their gallery and artists gather their creations for you to consider.

Art adds meaning and beauty to life, which is especially important when our world seems unsettled and confusing. I find peace and solace in art, whether I’m creating or admiring it. Art is good food for the soul, and medicine for the heart.

Several of my pyrographic (burn-art) pieces will now be shown at the 3rd Easel Art Gallery, along with those of other fine artists. Please visit, or give them a call (503-979-1856). You’ll find the folks at 3rd Easel easy to talk to about your artistic needs, whether you’re looking for a living room show piece, added beauty for your dining area, or an artistic indulgence for your private den or office.

I will continue to offer privately commissioned art as well, and I am grateful and honored by all those who have allowed me to create art for their personal needs.

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