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My father once told me my earliest creations went unappreciated — I drew eyes all over the walls. I find this fascinating considering how carefully I draw the eyes today that give life to my images.

The White Rabbit in a dapper suit, sporting a monocle, and holding a pocket watch.

For thirty years I’ve been burning my art. Not to destroy it, but create it. As a burn-artist, what I love about pyrography is the collaboration between the artist and the wood. The wood brings its own design, texture, and hues, and the artist burns images with beautiful sepia tones reminiscent of early photography. It’s an ancient art now accelerating in popularity with artists and collectors, and the craftsmanship of burn-artists is rapidly growing.

My subject matter usually falls into two categories: nature and imaginative. I feel most relaxed in the woodlands I grew up in. With its towering trees and forest dwellers, images of nature give me a calm in a noisy, chaotic world. And imaginative art appeals to me because my inner child has stubbornly remained. Like most children, I never made a clear-cut distinction between the natural and supernatural. I still don’t. Whether it’s hints of magical realism or careless leaps into fantasy, imaginative art reminds me that the world is enchanted and the universe is saturated with mystery.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy my art half as much as I enjoy creating it.

I wish for you all the ABCs of a beautiful life: art, blessing, and creativity.

Written content & original artwork is copyrighted by Donald Wayne White

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